barcode & RFID solution

Barcode & RFID Solution

Treewalker is India’s leading solutions provider of Barcode, RFID & Enterprise Mobility. Additionally, we are product experts with deep experience in field of assets management & inventory bar-coding solution.

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Ecommerce Consultation & Magento Development

We provide end to end e-commerce consultation and magento development since 2010
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Mobile apps development

Mobile Apps Development

We design and develop awesome apps for smart phones and tablets. We help you run your business one app at a time of iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platform.

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Responsive Web Applications

We provide professional consultation of product development using our extensive expertise of web development. We develop responsive web applications as per your product ideas. If the internet is the most powerful media on the planet then get this opportunity properly with Treewalker.

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We deliver well researched globalized software solution with great user experience to address unmet demands and to solve unsolved business challenges!


Over a decade of web technology expertise. We are experienced in utilizing the right leverage in web technology and our competency in enterprise web development to bring you rich internet applications and portals.

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The mobile revolution has taken the world by a storm in less than a decade. Treewalker provide Android and iOS mobile development services to increase productivity and create better brand value for your organization.

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The greater promise of a greater cloud. Faster, efficient, reliable cloud servers for powering growth to your business. Treewalker offer public and private cloud services on the basis of your business requirement.

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Barcode & RFID

A one-stop supplier with a complete line of bar code equipment. Treewalker offers entire barcode solutions, ranging from simplest solutions to intricate and higher end solutions involving effective data capturing.

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Our Product – An innovative mobile application

satyaapan social india

Satyaapan is an unique and innovative idea to provide an easy solution of a big problem to Indian society. Satyaapan is an approach to organize and manage the record of domestic workers and their employers. Satyaapan is a platform to establish the employment history of trusted and recommended domestic workers.

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Case Studies

BOTL application developed on Web, Android and iOS, deployed on Cloud server!

botl web application

The case study discusses a Social Networking web application developed by Treewalker Technologies for a client of ours. The project goal was to create a social networking site from the concept of “message in a bottle” which is a form of communication whereby a message is sealed in a container (archetypically a glass bottle, but could be any medium, as long as it floats and remains waterproof) and released into the sea or ocean. In this social networking site the users can botl any message (video, audio, pics) and seal them in predefined but wide range of bottles and float on the internet.

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Our Clients

our clients

Technologies and Framework


What Our Customers Are Saying

“ Best in the business. Really enjoyed working with them. They have a very experienced educated team which is available 24/7 for all issues regarding the project.They don’t just do the project they also know how to think along and make suggestions to do things better. They handled my feedback very well and found a way with everything to make the project a success.I would definitely hire them again the future. Thanks Treewalker! ”

Imtiyaz Moledina

CEO, Aheed Technologies Inc

Treewalker has been asked to perform development tasks that push the limits and go above and beyond conventional Ecommerce platforms and have delivered each and every time.

Matthew Coatsworth

CEO, Coatsworth Retail Inc

Treewalker is by far one of the best overseas providers I have worked with. The level of communication was nothing short of spectacular, Treewalker team saw the project the whole way through and never hesitated to make necessary adjustments and ensure that everything would end up working perfect. The level of technical expertise was also top notch, there was never an issue which we would be stuck on. Highly recommended, and will work with on future projects most definitely. Thank you once again!


CEO, Goggles4u Eyeglasses California

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